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Selling On Liquid Auctions
Selling On Liquid Auctions
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At Alt, we are revolutionizing the industry by offering competitive rates, secure transactions, and reliable service for collectible sellers. Submitting your cards to an auction on Alt is easy and efficient. You can consign directly from your 'Collection' page or ship your cards to Alt for immediate processing. Eligible cards receive dynamic and competitive cash advance rates based on market factors. Follow our guidelines below to maximize your returns and experience the industry's best consignment service.

Submitting assets to sell within Liquid Auctions is easy regardless of whether your cards are vaulted or not. We're delivering maximum value to our collectors through:

  • Cash Advances: Receive dynamic and competitive cash advances based on multiple factors, including market trends, card liquidity, grade, and condition

  • Fast asset transfers: Once a transaction has settled, the winning bidder will automatically receive the card in their Alt Vault

  • End-to-end consignment: No further actions are required once a card has been submitted by a seller and approved by Alt's Card Experts

  • Seller's Bonus: A buyer’s premium that is added to the final hammer price and shared between Alt and the seller. Sellers within a Liquid Auction will receive a bonus based on the hammer price of each sale

How to Submit Cards to Auction

To consign cards to a Liquid Auction on Alt, collectors can choose between the two simple methods below:

  1. Directly From Your Collection Page:

    • Navigate to your 'Collection' page

    • Find the card you want to sell and click the purple 'Sell' button, located in the card's 'Status' column

    • A pop-up will appear, confirm your actions by clicking 'Consign Now'

    • Your card will then be reserved for the next upcoming auction

  2. Shipping to the Alt Vault:

    • If your cards are not yet in the Alt Vault, you can ship them to us for direct processing into an auction

    • Include your 'AXN' Vault ID as the recipient of the package

    • Your 'AXN' Vault ID can be found on the 'Shipments' page within your Alt account. The recipient information on your shipment should look something like this:

      • Alt (#axn_123456): John Doe

    • Upon arrival, our Vault team will assess the cards, digitize them, and upload them to your Collection, while also submitting them to the next Liquid Auction

    • You will receive an email notification once this process is complete, and the cards will be marked as 'Reserved for Auction' in your Collection

Cash Advances

When consigning cards to an upcoming auction, cards that are evaluated at $250 or higher by our Card Experts are eligible to receive a cash advance. Alt provides cash advances based on various factors including market trends, card liquidity, grade, and condition. These advances are not necessarily reflective of the card’s market value but are based on what we are comfortable advancing.

If you consign multiple cards to the same auction, you may qualify for a cumulative cash advance that is based on the total estimated value of all consigned cards. This means that even cards valued at less than $250 individually may be eligible for a cash advance if combined with higher-value cards. This lump-sum advance approach allows us to offer even more competitive cash advance rates for our sellers!

By consigning a diverse collection of cards, you may receive higher cumulative cash advance percentages. Upon auction conclusion, the proceeds from your card sales will first be used to repay the provided cash advance, with any remaining balance then being credited to your Alt account.

Monitoring Your Cards in Auction

Once a Liquid Auction is live, sellers can monitor the progress of their listed cards directly from the 'Auction' tab within their Collection page.

On this page, sellers can view detailed information about each live card, including the current bid (with the 20% Buyer's Premium included), cash advance details, the number of bids, and options to share the direct listing on social media.

Seller Bonus

Sellers within a Liquid Auction will receive a bonus based on the hammer price of each sale, as notated in the chart below:

Hammer Price

(Winning Bid)

Seller Receives Full Hammer Price


Seller Bonus On Every Card

$1 - $999




$1,000 - $4,999




$5,000 - $9,999




$10,000 - $249,999




$250,000 +





Following the conclusion of a Liquid Auction, winning bidders have 7-days to initiate payment for their winnings. Buyers have the ability to complete payments on Alt through credit/debit card, ACH transfer, wire transfer, or Apple/Google Pay. Note that ACH transfers do typically take 4-5 business days to fully settle into Alt.

Upon settlement of the buyer's payment, the sale will be completed and the seller's Alt account will be credited any remaining owed proceeds. The card will then automatically transfer ownership from the seller's Alt Vault to the buyer's, with no further action required by either party.

Upcoming Auction Dates

Auction Dates

Cards Must Be Submitted By

6/6 - 6/20


6/20 - 7/4


7/4 - 7/18


7/18 - 8/1


8/1 - 8/15


8/15 - 8/29


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit cards to an auction from my vault?

A: Submit for Liquid Auctions directly from your Collection. Simply select "Sell", next to the card in question, then select "Consign Now". Please reach out to support if you have a card you'd like to submit that currently is pending, or needs review Alt Value.

How do I submit cards that are not vaulted?

A: If you have unvaulted cards in your possession that you’re interested in selling in Liquid Auctions, please photograph them and contact The cards can be added as unvaulted assets, and will have to be sent to the Alt Vault before being included in an auction.

How far in advance of an auction must unvaulted cards be received?

A: Cards must be received by the vault at least one week in advance of an auction. If an approved auction card is received less than a week in advance, it may be included in the following auction. More information on how to send your cards to the Vault can be found here.

Cash advance turnaround time?

A: Vaulted Cards: Applied within three business days of submission approval.

Cards Not Vaulted: Applied within three business days after completion of Vault processing.

How does the cash advance work?

A: Cards that are submitted to an upcoming auction and evaluated at a value of $250 or higher by our Card Experts, will be eligible to receive a cash advance. Alt provides cash advances that are dynamic and dependent on multiple factors (market, card liquidity, grade, and condition) and aren't necessarily what we believe a card's market value to be but rather what we are comfortable advancing.

What cards are eligible for submission?

A: Only cards graded by PSA, BGS, BVG, SGC, and CGC are eligible for sale on the platform. They must also not fall into the below categories, and if they do, they are not eligible for sale, only storage:

  • Qualifiers: In addition to a numerical grade, some graded companies also carry a Qualifier to identify specific characteristics of the card.

  • Any damaged (cracked/scratched/tilted labels) or mislabeled slabs will not be eligible for sale on the platform. Please double-check all slabs for damage prior to sending to the Vault.

If a card does not sell, what happens?

A: Alt will give you the option to pay back the cash advance in order to repossess the card in the event that the asset receives zero bids upon completion of the Liquid Auction cycle. If you do not wish to return the cash advance, the card will automatically rerun within the next scheduled auction catalog.

How far in advance of an auction must cards be submitted for approval?

A: Cards must be submitted for approval at least one week in advance of an auction.

Do cards need to be vaulted to be listed in an auction?

A: Cards must be vaulted and undergo our quality assessment in order to be listed in an auction.

For questions, please contact us through the messenger located in the bottom left corner of your browser, text us at (833)483-5949, or reach out to

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