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To sell on ALT, cards must be graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC and stored in the Vault. We offer a Vault service that delivers a comprehensive product experience and allows our customers to buy, sell, collateralize, and view their assets while abstracting security and storage.
See our help center article -> Sending cards to the Vault
You can Vault any raw or graded cards with Alt for a one-time fee of $5 per card. ALT is waiving fees on all cards deemed to be "Investment Grade,” which is defined by having an Alt Value of at least $100, OR a grade of 8 or higher from our supported grading companies. There are no ongoing storage fees, and you can outtake your cards anytime.
Important: We have robust quality assurance, and no damaged or scratched slabs will be allowed on the platform. If received, these will be only available for storage.
See our help center article for more information -> Unsupported Assets


There are two ways to sell on Alt:

Fixed Price: A dedicated fixed-price marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-authenticated sports cards with the lowest fees in the industry at 5%. You have full say and can seamlessly determine all listing prices. Once vaulted, you can simply select "List on ALT" on a card, then select "Sell at a fixed price," then enter your desired list price and select List, then Confirm listing.

Liquid Auctions: We're delivering maximum value as quickly as possible to sellers through:

  • Cash advances: Receive cash advances that are dynamic and dependent on multiple factors (market, card liquidity, grade, and condition.)

  • Industry low fees: Receive all net proceeds from the sale less our 8% seller fee.

  • Instant payouts: Within seconds of the auction ending, proceeds will be deposited into the seller's ALT account and can be exercised on the platform or withdrawn immediately.

  • Immediate asset transfers: After the auction ends, the winning bidder will instantly receive the card deposited in their Vault.

  • End-to-end consignment: No further actions are needed once a card is approved by Alt's experts and confirmed by the seller. Immediate asset transfers to a buyer, similar to all other purchases on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sell a card that’s already in my Portfolio?
If your item is already vaulted, you can simply select "List on ALT" on a card, select "Sell at a fixed price," enter your desired list price, select List, and then Confirm listing.

If your item is not yet vaulted, it cannot be sold on ALT. If you would like to sell on ALT, please log into your account and proceed to ship your items to the Vault.

Can sold items be returned by the buyer?
No. Because ALT is taking custody and verifying the legitimacy of the item, all sales are final.

How can I receive sales proceeds or withdraw from my account balance?
You can request a balance withdrawal by visiting the 'Banking' page under account settings and clicking on ‘Withdraw.’
For any questions, please contact support through the messenger located in the corner of your browser or reach out to
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