What types of assets does Alt support?


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Alt currently accepts any cards that are graded by PSA, BGS, BVG, or SGC to be listed for sale on our platform.

You can Vault any graded cards with Alt for free, and vault any ungraded cards for a one-time fee of $5 per card, which includes digitization, storage, and insurance. 

Note: Ungraded cards are not currently eligible to be listed for sale on the Alt platform.
  • Alt does not provide grading services. If you wish to get your cards graded you will need to have them sent to a third party grading company prior to sending to the Vault.

We are continuing to add support for more cards, so please feel free to provide feedback on which card types are most important to you.


For any questions, please contact support through the messenger located in the corner of your browser, or reach out to support@alt.xyz.

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