What assets can I send to the Vault?


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* Intake Fee is per asset

Only cards graded by PSA, BGS, BVG, or SGC are eligible for sale on the platform. They must also not fall into the below categories, and if they do, they are not eligible for sale, only storage, and will incur the $5 per card intake fee.

  • Qualifiers: In addition to a numerical grade, some graded companies also carry a Qualifier to identify specific characteristics of the card.

QA Callout: Alt has a robust quality assurance practice for all cards processed into our Vault. Any damaged (cracked/scratched/tilted labels) or mislabeled slabs will not be eligible for sale on the platform. Please double-check all slabs for damage before sending any to the Vault.

For further assistance, please contact us through the messenger located in the bottom left corner of your browser or reach out to support@alt.xyz 

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