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ALT is excited to announce the ability to search for all graded cards across the biggest marketplaces. Use ALT to find the cards you’re looking for regardless of what platform they’re listed on. You’ll have access to our real-time pricing data, transaction histories, and market trends for each card to help you make well-informed buying decisions. Once you’re ready to buy, we’ll redirect you directly to the card to make it as easy as possible.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the ALT app or web and tap on Browse.





  2. Use the filter Include External assets.





  3. Once you have selected Include External assets, you’re able to search for any specific card using our search bar or apply additional filters such as category, grade, or ALT Value to narrow down your results.






What type of cards can I search for?

You can search all graded cards that are listed for over $100 or have an ALT Value of over $100.

Can I search for ungraded cards?

No. Our function only supports graded cards.

What marketplaces am I able to search?

You will be able to search listings from the following marketplaces and auction houses:

  • eBay
  • Goldin Auctions
  • Goldin Fixed Price
  • Lelands Auctions
  • Memory Lane
  • Card Hobby
  • MySlabs
  • Mile High Card Company Auctions
  • PWCC Premier Auctions
  • PWCC Weekly Auctions
  • PWCC Fixed Price
  • Robert Edwards
  • SCP Auctions

Can I buy cards from other platforms via ALT?

No. You’re not able to buy these cards via ALT, but we will redirect you to the exact listing, regardless of platform, so that you can take action with ease.

Do I need an account for each marketplace to see the listings?

No. You’re able to see all available listings without an account. However, if you would like to buy an item from another platform, you may have to log in after we have redirected you to the listing page.

Can I save my search results or add them to my watchlist?

No. You’re not currently able to save searches or add external listings to your watchlist.

If I buy from another marketplace, how do I add the card to my ALT portfolio?

To get a card that you bought from a different platform into the ALT Vault, you will have to ship it yourself. Click here for more info.

For any questions, please contact support through the messenger located in the corner of your browser or reach out to

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