Fixed Priced Functionality: Selling on ALT

These updates have been made to increase the transparency and liquidity of assets on Alt and are aligned with our mission to solve many of the friction points in the hobby with tech-based solutions. The changes help our users make better-informed decisions when buying, selling, and managing their assets.

Selling on Alt

Listing Creation: If your card is Vaulted and eligible to list on Exchange, you have the ability to see all active offers from the item view of your asset. Vaulted items that have been listed on Exchange at any point in time will have actionable offer data available through the Portfolio. You can choose to accept any offers seen during the creation of your listing.

*Your card must have been listed at one point to receive the ability to view active offers while not actively listed.


Offer Eligibility: Offers made on Exchange listings will no longer apply to single items. Any offer made is open to be accepted by any seller whose item is the same card and shares the same grade and grading company. Offers expire automatically after 7 days.

Listing Management: The Exchange Selling table will display received offers and give you the ability to manage all of your active listings from one page.


Seller Notifications: You will receive notifications via email when:

  • There is a new highest offer on your listing and the offer ≥ 50% of your asking price
  • Your list price is undercut (e.g. you no longer have the lowest list price on an item).

Payment: When a buyer's offer is accepted by a seller, the purchased item will remain in a pending payment state (no longer available for sale or outtake).

Buyers will notified that they have 3 days to initiate payment and 8 days for the payment to settle. The seller is notified that funds should be available within 7 days.

If payment has not been received after 7 days, the prospective buyer will be notified that the sale was cancelled due to incomplete payment and the buyer's account will be suspended.

The seller is notified that the sale was cancelled due to incomplete payment and the listing has automatically re-listed at the last sale price prior to offer acceptance.

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