With the counteroffer feature, buyers and sellers are able to directly negotiate with each other during a Fixed Price transaction. Negotiating through counteroffers makes it easy for sellers to close deals with buyers who intend to make a purchase without having to lower the list price within the market. Likewise, buyers can negotiate with sellers whose listed prices are close to what they are willing to pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do counteroffers work?

A: When an offer is placed on a Fixed Price listing the seller is notified that there is a new offer which is eligible for counteroffer. The seller then has the option to accept or privately counter at a price higher than the buyer's offer but lower than their list price. This counteroffer is only available for 48 hours and is visible only to the individual buyer. During this 48-hour window, the buyer can accept the counteroffer, or privately increase their offer price until the counteroffer expires. This will continue until both parties agree on a price, or the offers expire. Once in negotiations, neither party can withdraw a counteroffer.


What happens if the buyer or seller accepts a counteroffer?

A: If either the buyer or seller accepts a counteroffer, the transaction will automatically execute at the agreed-upon price. If the buyer accepts the offer, they will be prompted for payment immediately. If the seller accepts the offer, the buyer will be notified and have 4 days to initiate payment. 


What if the counteroffer expires?

A: If the counteroffer expires, all private negotiations become unavailable. However, the buyer's original offer on the item will remain active until its 7-day expiration timeframe passes.


Can I accept a counteroffer without committing to buy the item?

A: No, if you accept a counteroffer, you are committing to purchase the item. You will need to complete the payment promptly, similar to any other purchase on Alt.


Can I negotiate on Dual Listings using counteroffers?

A: Counteroffers are not applicable to Dual Listings as they are listed as "Buy It Now" (BIN) only listings. Counteroffers are currently only available for Fixed Price listings.


Is there a time limit for negotiations using counteroffers?

A: The initial offer window is 48 hours. If the seller counters the offer, the window will extend for an additional 48 hours. If the buyer counters again, it will restart the timeframe for another 48 hours. This will continue until a price is agreed upon or the offer expires. There is no predetermined limit to the number of counteroffers that can be exchanged back and forth.


Is there an offer limit?

A: The buyer can make up to 10 offers on a card. Once that limit is reached, negotiations will reset after 30 days unless the seller cancels and then relists the card.

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