The Vault

Vaulting your cards is the best way to make the most of your collection with Alt.

The Vault provides:

Easy upload: When you send your cards to the Vault, they will be professionally photographed, valued, and automatically uploaded to your portfolio.

Peace of mind security: All cards are stored in the industry's highest quality secure storage facility and fully insured while in the Vault and when shipped out of the Vault.

Selling on Alt: You will be able to sell all supported graded cards you have stored in the Vault through our Exchange.

Fee StructureScreenshot 2023-09-15 at 3.40.22 PM.png

  • There are no ongoing storage fees.
  • All cards shipped out of the Vault will be charged an outtake fee based on their Alt Value at the time of outtake. There is a maximum shipping limit of 25 cards per outtake.


Due to the prevalence of raw cards being sent as "filler cards," the Vault team will not hold raw cards indefinitely. To avoid erroneous fees being charged, Alt will reach out to customers directly if large amounts of raw cards are addressed to a Customer's Vault. Raw cards that arrive at the Vault will be disposed of if Alt does not hear from a customer in a 2-week period once they've been contacted.

Shipping and Insurance:

Shipping to the Vault: Customers are responsible for shipping charges to the Vault. A prepaid shipping label can be created from your Alt Profile and shipping charges will appear on your invoice in account activity. Standard shipping rates apply. Customers are also responsible for all insurance coverage for packages sent to the Vault. This can be done through a shipping carrier or a personal policy.

Vault Operating Hours: We accept packages at our facility from all carriers Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm EST. If delivery is attempted outside of those hours, they will be reattempted during business hours. Drop-ins are available upon request. 

When Alt receives your package, we use the (#VaultID) to match your account and process your items. We will process your items within 3 business days after the day we receive them (i.e., next-day processing), and we will send a confirmation email once completed.


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Shipping from the Vault: Customers are responsible for standard shipping rate charges from the Vault along with a 1% Outtake Fee up to $30 per item. These charges are assed to the Cash Balance in a customer's Alt Account. Please allow 2 business days for assets to be removed from the Vault and processed before shipping.

Packages sent from the Vault are insured by Alt and may arrive separately if multiple cards are requested for an outtake. A signature upon delivery will be required for any packages with a value greater than $5,000.

Alt does not support international outtakes at this time but is looking forward to providing this in the near future. Users will need to request outtake to a domestic US address and then ship internationally.


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Alt Advance: Allows you to borrow cash against your assets without having to part ways with them. Learn more → Alt Advance

Alt does not assert ownership rights over any assets deposited into the Vault. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy, or other extraordinary circumstances, Alt will return all user assets to their respective owners. As the custodian, Alt further ensures the protection of these assets through the maintenance of an insurance policy, which covers Alt's Vault. This insurance policy provides coverage adequate to safeguard the vaulted assets of users, up to the total aggregated market value of each asset.

For any questions, please contact support through the messenger located in the corner of your browser or reach out to

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