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Buyer's Policy
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At Alt, our primary aim is to cultivate a marketplace that thrives on safety and transparency. Our Buyer's Policy is designed to curb manipulative buyer behavior and establish an industry-leading platform that's both secure and transparent. By adhering to this policy, we're working collectively to create a dependable and trustworthy environment for all collectors.

Our policy outlines specific guidelines that buyers need to follow to ensure successful transactions. Keep in mind that bids and offers, once submitted, may not be altered. Therefore, buyers are advised to exercise extreme care in ensuring accuracy prior to submission.

Payment Deadlines:

For Fixed Price Exchange:

  • Buyers who have an offer accepted on our Fixed Price Exchange must initiate payment within 4 days from the acceptance of the offer.

For Liquid Auction:

  • Buyers who having winning bids following an Auction must initiate payment within 7 days after the auction concludes.

Consequences of Non-Payment:

If a buyer fails to initiate payment within the stipulated time frames:

  • The sale will be canceled.

  • The non-payment incident will be recorded on the buyer's account.

  • If a buyer fails to pay for two items, or a single item valued at over $1,000, their account will be suspended.

Account Reinstatement:

If an account is suspended due to violations of the Buyer's Policy:

  • To reinstate the account after the first occurrence, an abusive behavior charge may be applied, to which the account owner is responsible for paying prior to reinstatement.

  • Alt retains the authority to reinstate an account based on its own judgment, and additional measures may be implemented as determined by the outcome of the assessment by Alt's team.

Shill Bidding:

Shill bidding involves artificially inflating bids to manipulate prices or create a false perception of demand and is strictly prohibited on Alt, as it undermines the integrity of our platform and compromises the fairness of transactions.

Shill bidding will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any accounts suspected of engaging in shill bidding practices will be subject to immediate investigation and potential disciplinary action, up to and including termination from the platform.

By embracing this Buyer's Policy, we're upholding the integrity of our platform and fostering an environment grounded in trust, security, and fairness. We invite all buyers to adhere to these guidelines to help create an environment where everyone can engage confidently in transactions and interactions throughout our community.

Alt reserves the right to amend this policy as needed to ensure its continued effectiveness in preventing manipulative behavior and upholding transparency.

For questions, please contact us through the messenger located in the bottom left corner of your browser, text us at (833)483-5949, or reach out to

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