Unsupported Assets

As of today, all raw cards or cards graded by services other than PSA, BGS, or SGC cannot be bought or sold on our platform. In addition, any assets deemed “unsupported” will not be eligible for sale on Alt.

The following unsupported categories apply to all PSA, BGS, and SGC assets:

Qualifiers: In addition to a numerical grade, some graded companies also carry a Qualifier to identify specific characteristics of the card.

Mislabeled: Slabs that have been incorrectly identified and labeled with the 3rd party grading service. Please determine the mislabel correction process with the grading party in question.

Damaged: Any slabs with chips, cracks, or labels not secured into place will be deemed “damaged.” These will not pass our Vault quality check and will also need to be re-slabbed.

While the above assets cannot be listed for sale on the platform, they may remain stored safely in the Vault and visible in your Alt Portfolio.

Quality Assurance

Alt has a robust quality assurance practice for all cards processed into our Vault. Any damaged (cracked/scratched/tilted labels) or mislabeled slabs will not be eligible for sale on the platform.

Assets flagged by QA are only available for storage and can be requested for outtake at any time. Customers frequently have their damaged/mislabeled cards shipped from the Vault directly to a grading service to be re-slabbed. After this, they can be returned to your Vault portfolio.


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