ALT + Circle

ALT is migrating onto a new payment processor called Circle. Working with Circle will unlock new and improved options for customers to move funds to and from their ALT Accounts.

Customers will still need to have funds available in their ALT Wallets in order to purchase cards. That said, Circle enables Wire Transfers for customers, allows customers based outside of the US to buy cards, and even unlocks paying with Cryptocurrencies via USDC (United States Dollar Coin).

What is Circle?

Circle is a global financial technology firm that’s at the center of digital currency innovation and open financial infrastructure. They help bridge the traditional financial system and the world’s leading public blockchains to unlock growth for businesses and investors around the world.

How is this different from before? What's changing?

Circle enables ALT to provide faster and enhanced settlement options for payments on the platform. As ALT prepares to open the platform to international users further, Circle helps ALT accept more payment methods and send payouts globally.

What does Circle allow for ALT Customers to do?

Circle allows ALT customers to experience faster settlement options for payments on and off the platform via wire transfers, ACH, and eventually USDC.

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