Extended Bidding

With extended bidding, users won’t have to lose out on a bid because time ran out. Bidding will be extended by an additional four minutes for all items bid before their initial closing time. Please note that you must place a bid on the item prior to extended bidding in order to participate. If you wish to watch a listing while it’s in extended bidding, place a bid or add it to your watchlist before the initial listing expiration. Then access the listing from your Manage Bids / Watchlist screen.

How does it work?

1. Users will be able to participate in extended bidding for all items they place a bid on prior to their initial closing time. For example, if an item is scheduled to close at 9:30 pm EDT, a user must place their first bid before 9:30 pm to be eligible for extended bidding.

2. After the item’s initial closing time, bidding will then be extended for an additional four minute period. During this window, all bidders who placed a bid prior can bid again.

Using the previous example, the first extended bidding window for an item ending at 9:30pm EDT will run until 9:34 pm EDT.

3. Each time an additional bid is placed, bidding will then be extended by another four minute period, meaning if you place an additional bid at 9:31pm EDT, this will extend the end time to 9:35 pm EDT.

4. Extended bidding on an item will end when there is no further bidding for a four minute period. Liquid Auctions will be considered fully closed once extended bidding is over for all items.




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