What is ALT Value?

ALT Value is a computer-generated estimate of a card’s present value in the market. ALT gathers transaction data from a number of auction houses and marketplaces to assess a card’s worth. The confidence of an ALT Value can range from “Low” to “High” confidence depending on the amount of transaction data available in recent history on a given card.



How is ALT Value calculated?

ALT Value is calculated by using a combination of data and systematic market knowledge. When we have a lot of data (e.g. base prizms), the value will be more similar to the average of recent transactions. However when data is sparse, we leverage comparable cards and use them as anchors to price the card, similar to how an expert in the hobby would do so themselves. The valuation model is updated daily.

Why is there a delay in populating ALT Value?

There is occasionally a delay in pricing assets that are rare, vintage or are new additions to the ALT asset universe. If there is an * in place of an ALT Value then our model is still valuing your asset.

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