Mobile App FAQ

Prefer to access Alt on the go? We're thrilled to announce the release of our mobile application available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

Alt is an alternative asset management and investment platform. Today, we have the tools to help investors and collectors build wealth through alternative assets. Though we plan to expand into other assets in the future, we are currently focused on sports cards.

Mobile App experience

Some features are not available on the app yet. We have lots of new improvement plans in the works, but would love to hear your experience. We appreciate any and all feedback as we continue to grow and improve the platform.


Instant Pricer

  • The fastest way to get comps for graded PSA/BGS cards, Instant Pricer will show all the recent transactions for PSA/BGS graded versions of your card, as well as Alt Value if covered by our valuation model. Our team has some of the best research data for card transactions to ensure accuracy.

Portfolio Management & Monitoring

  • You can manage and track your portfolio over time with Alt Value, which is calculated by using a combination of data and systematic market knowledge. Our data team has some of the best research data for card transactions to ensure accuracy.


  • Alt Exchange lets you buy and sell pre-authenticated sports cards, while taking advantage of the lowest fees in the industry at 2.5%. Cards must be graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC and stored in our Vault to be sold on the Exchange. Having assets secured in the Vault allows us to instantly transfer ownership and funds once a transaction is completed.

Liquid Auctions

Universal Search

  • Alt lets you search our Exchange, Liquid Auctions, and Research data simultaneously. All providing you with access to Market Data when selecting the asset in question.

What's missing or different on the mobile app compared to the web experience?

Portfolio Transaction History: Together in Web App - Separate in the Mobile App

Images: Applies to unvaulted cards images uploaded by users and research assets

Account Activity: Cash deposits/withdrawals, invoices/credits, and other such transactions

In-app support access: Message via webchat or with any questions

Market Trends: Not available via Mobile App

Vault Intake & Outtake: Not available via Mobile App



  • Why can’t I see a card's image in the mobile app?

    • Alt will only show images of cards that are physically vaulted with us. To ensure accurate representation of the cards shared on the platform, we only will show images of cards taken with our updated digitization technology. As a result, we won't show images of cards in your portfolio if they aren't vaulted with Alt, and we will not show images of cards not listed on the exchange.

  • How can I ship a card from the Vault?

    • As of now, you cannot initiate an outtake request from the mobile app. That said, you are able to do so from Alt's web app. All outtake requests can be made on the platform by clicking into your account and selecting 'Account' then 'Shipments.'

  • Can I continue to use the web app?

    • Yes, for full functionality please use our web app at this time.

  • How can I provide feedback?

    • Send your feedback here.

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