Alt Fees

What does it cost to buy on Alt?

Buyers pay zero transaction fees on all purchases.

What does it cost to sell on Alt?

2.5% fee of the total sale price on Exchange.

8% fee of the card's market value (Alt Value/Expert Review) on Liquid Auctions.

What does it cost to use the Portfolio feature on Alt?

Managing and tracking your Portfolio on Alt is completely free.

What does Vault storage cost?

You can Vault any raw or graded cards with Alt for a one-time fee of $5 per card, which includes digitization, storage, and insurance. Please note this fee can only be paid with funds from your Alt Account. We currently do not accept any other payment methods.

At this time, Alt is waiving fees on all cards deemed to be "Investment Grade,” which is defined by having an Alt Value of at least $100, OR a grade of 8 or higher from PSA, BGS, or SGC.  There are no ongoing storage fees.

All cards shipped out of the Vault will be charged 1% of their ALT Value at the time of outtake. There is a maximum fee of $30 per card in an Outtake, and a shipping limit of 25 cards per outtake. Cards purchased on ALT within 10 days of a shipping request from the Vault will not be charged this fee.

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