Vault Storage

How much does it cost to store my cards with ALT?

You can Vault any raw or graded cards with ALT for a one-time fee of $5 per card, which includes digitization, storage, and insurance. Please note this fee can only be paid with funds from your ALT Account. We currently do not accept any other payment methods.

ALT will waive its $5 intake fee on select cards graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC. These include cards graded 8 or higher, as well as cards that have an ALT Value of at least $100.

All raw cards and cards graded by other services will always receive a $5 intake fee when sent to ALT’s Vault. 

Due to the prevalence of raw cards being sent as "filler cards", the Vault team will not hold raw cards indefinitely. To avoid erroneous fees being charged, ALT will reach out to customers directly if large amounts of raw cards are addressed to a Customer's Vault. Raw cards that arrive at the Vault will be disposed of if ALT does not hear from a customer in a 2 week period once they've been contacted.

What is the sales tax if I ship to Vault?

The Vault is located in Delaware, a sales-tax-free state. All purchases sent directly to the Vault are subject to 0% sales tax. All purchases made on ALT's exchange are also subject to 0% sales tax.

What are the Vault shipping fees?

Shipping fees are determined by the value of a package being shipped, the courier selected to ship with (i.e. FedEx, USPS, etc.) and also the shipping time selected. Customers are not required to use an ALT Shipping label generated from an ALT Account when shipping items to the Vault. When shipping items from the Vault, customers are required to use shipping + insurance options provided by ALT. 

How much are Outtake Fees?

All cards shipped out of the Vault will be charged 1% of their ALT Value at the time of outtake. There is a maximum fee of $30 per card in an Outtake, and a shipping limit of 25 cards per outtake. Cards purchased on ALT within 10 days of a shipping request from the Vault will not be charged this fee.

Shipping to the Vault: Customers are responsible for paying shipping charges to the Vault. While not a requirement, customers can generate a shipping label through their ALT Profile. All shipping charges will be assessed to your Cash Balance upon a package's arrival, and appear as a charge on the Account Activity page. Standard shipping rates apply. Customers are also responsible for all insurance coverage for packages sent to the Vault. ALT provides 3rd party insurance options for purchase through Shippo on items shipped to the Vault.

Shipping from the Vault: Customers are responsible for shipping charges from the Vault. Standard shipping rates apply and your account balance must be funded to cover shipping fees at the final step of the outtake process. Packages sent from the Vault are insured by ALT. A signature upon delivery will be required for any packages with a value $5,000. If multiple cards are requested at outtake, they may arrive in separate packages.

How do I pay for Vault fees?

Vault Fees are automatically assessed to your ALT Account's Cash Balance upon the processing of your cards at the Vault.

If ALT has not received payment after 7 days of any incurred balance, a late fee of 1.5% of the total outstanding account balance will be applied to the ALT account. Should an account be suspended due to non-payment, an additional reinstatement fee of 8.5% of the total outstanding account balance will be applied and due upon account reinstatement.

What assets can I send to Vault?

ALT Is able to store any cards sent to the Vault. Non-investment grade cards are charged a $5 storage fee per card. Any investment-grade PSA, BGS, and SGC cards can be sold on ALT, including sports, magic, and gaming. Only cards stored at the Vault can be listed for sale; ALT will take custody of all assets being sold on the platform to verify their legitimacy.

What kind of security is in place?

All cards are stored in the highest quality secure storage facility in the industry. The Vault has standard security protocols set in place and state-of-the-art features for receiving, digitizing, cataloging, and vaulting alternative assets.

How long after sending my assets to the Vault will I see them in my portfolio?

You will receive acknowledgement of receipt within 1 business day of arrival, and your assets will be professionally photographed and available in your Portfolio 3 business days after that.

Are vaulted assets insured?

Yes. All cards vaulted with ALT are insured.

For any questions or feedback, please contact support through the messenger located in the corner of your browser or reach out to 

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