Showcase - The Digital StoreFront

The Showcase is a digital storefront that allows prospective buyers to view a collection with direct access to listing details for offers and purchases. Sellers can share any card in their collection whether they're looking to sell their cards, or show off their best slabs. Send your cards to the Vault for the best quality pictures and to sell on the Exchange!

Get A Personalized Link To Showcase Your Cards


You can Vault any raw or graded cards with ALT for a one-time fee of $5 per card, which includes digitization, storage, and insurance. Please note this fee can only be paid with funds from your ALT Account. We currently do not accept any other payment methods.

At this time, ALT is waiving fees on all cards deemed to be "Investment Grade,” which is defined by having an ALT Value of at least $100, OR a grade of 8 or higher from PSA, BGS, or SGC.  There are no ongoing storage fees, and you can outtake your cards anytime.

If there are any questions or disputes, you can email

Accessing Your Showcase

  • Open the Profile Dropdown (Top right of screen)
  • Select 'Showcase'


  • Navigate to the bottom half of the Portfolio 
  • View your collection in gallery mode(3x3 icon)
  • Select 'Create Showcase'

Enabling Your Showcase

  • Select 'Manage Showcase'
  • Click the toggle switch and enable your public Showcase
  • Personalize your unique link by selecting the pencil icon
    • Only available when Showcase is accessed from Profile Dropdown

Arranging Your Showcase

  • Click 'Add assets to Showcase'
  • Select individual assets to make visible to the public via your link (Top left of image '✓')
    • Descending order - the last selected will appear first. Please note drag and drop sorting is not available at this time.


  • 'Select all'
    • Selecting all will make any asset you own with an image visible via your link

Sharing Your Showcase

  • Share the Showcase URL with your prospective buyers and friends. If you share your specific listing URLs rather than the Showcase URL, a preview of the card will be visible. 

For further assistance with Showcase, don't hesitate to contact us through the messenger located in the bottom right corner of your browser or reach out to

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