How do I sell a card that’s already in my Portfolio?

If your item is the Vault, you will see a ‘List on Alt’ option after double-clicking on the item from the Portfolio page.

If your item is not in the Vault, it cannot be sold on Alt. Only PSA, BGS, and SGC graded cards secured in the Vault can be bought and sold on Exchange. If you would like to sell on Alt, please log into your account and proceed to ship your items to the Vault.

The Vault provides:

Easy upload: When you send your cards to the Vault, they will be professionally photographed, valued, and automatically uploaded to your portfolio.

Peace of mind security: All cards are stored in the highest quality secure storage facility in the industry and fully insured while in the Vault and when being shipped out of the Vault.

Selling on Alt: You will be able to sell all PSA/BGS/SGC graded cards you have stored in the Vault through our Exchange. Please note cards with "Authentic" traits are ineligible for sale - including Authentic-Only Grades, Authentic Aftermarket Autographs, etc.

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