What are the Vault shipping fees?

Shipping to the Vault: Customers are responsible for shipping charges to the Vault. A prepaid shipping label can be created from your Alt Profile and shipping charges will appear on your monthly invoice. Standard shipping rates apply. Customers are also responsible for all insurance coverage for packages sent to the Vault. This can be done through a shipping carrier or a personal policy.

Shipping from the Vault: Customers are responsible for shipping charges from the Vault. Standard shipping rates apply and your account balance must be funded to cover shipping fees at the final step of the outtake process. Packages sent from the Vault are insured by Alt. A signature upon delivery will be required for any packages with a value $5,000. If multiple cards are requested at outtake, they may arrive in separate packages.

All cards shipped out of the Vault will be charged 1% of their ALT Value at the time of outtake. There is a maximum fee of $30 per card in an Outtake, and a shipping limit of 25 cards per outtake. Cards purchased on ALT within 10 days of a shipping request from the Vault will not be charged this fee.

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